Technology in Art Prize


One of the cool parts about being a Freshmen in college is getting the chance to experience a new city. Seeing the sights. Smelling the smells. Thrusting myself into the Grand Rapids area has been my favorite part of college so far. One of the biggest events in Grand Rapids is Art Prize. There were over 1,500 different pieces of art submitted this year, ranging from sculptures and sketches, from 2-D and 3-D, all kinds of art is represented here and it’s a great display for the city. As I walked around it was so cool to see people from every kind of group; ethnically, culturally, and socioeconomically. states that people from every age group go to art prize. Old and young, men and women, it was all there. Events like this bring people together.

According to one of the best ways to enjoy Art Prize is to be proactive and participate in the voting process. The winner of art prize will earn 2 grand and the satisfaction of a job well done. When you go to Art Prize you can have a say about who wins the cash prize. Art Prize uses current technology to vote, either snapping a vote or texting in the code of your favorite piece of art. All these things allow for a very interactive visit for people who visit Art Prize.

The addition of technology allows the voting to be quick, easy, and convenient. Let’s say for example, that to vote you had to find a voting station and cast a paper ballot. There would be long lines, which would take away from the time I would have to look around and experience the city, and I would be significantly less likely to vote. According to the official Art Prize blog, one of the aspects that sets art prize apart from other art festivals is the public vote. The inclusion of technology is absolutely pivotal to this idea. It makes the festival seem chic and savvy. Art Prize is considered a cool and stylish thing to do for young people because they incorporate more than just this one aspect of technology, but because they effectively incorporate social media as well. Some pieces would have hashtags in their descriptions, allowing people to talk about their art on Twitter. Art Prize was trending on twitter the entire time I was there.

The mixture of all of these things makes Art Prize a celebration of grandeur. It defines Grand Rapids for an entire month, populates and cultures a city, and generates legitimate excitement in the surrounding area.

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Technology in Art Prize

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