Technology Potential in Art Prize

Art Prize takes place throughout four different weeks and takes over downtown Grand Rapids.  It’s hard to go anywhere downtown without seeing a sculpture, sketch or some kind of art. However art is more than just sculptures or sketches. There could be significantly more integration of different kinds of technology.

There are some really cool things that are going on with animation and film. If they opened up art prize to allow for different animators to show off the way they use the technology that is specific to their field. If Art Prize could incorporate a film festival it would allow them to utilize technology in a more effective way, appealing to larger demographic while still keeping tons of art around the city.

film fest

It could add a lot more depth to Art Prize by adding this film fest. They could show off the advances in technology. It could add another dimension to an already thriving art show. Incorporating technology in this way would help to make Art Prize a more unique experience for the people who come to see all of it. Not only would they see modern cutting edge art, they would also see animators utilizing the newest animation technology and incorporating that into the festival.  Art Prize already incorporates so many different kinds of art into their festival that a film fest or a further integration of film animation would add so much to the festival.

According to as of September 26 there have been almost 267,000 votes for different pieces or sculptures. Art Prize pushes the voting quite a bit obviously, they want people to come and have a say in what pieces place highly.  People don’t spend very much time at each piece of art, however if someone invests more time watching a new animated film using new technology then they will be much more likely to vote due to the amount of time they spent with the film.

According to the average short film is between five and fifteen minutes. I did not spend more than five minutes at any of the pieces I saw at Art Prize the two different times I went. I think it would be extremely advantageous for Art Prize to further incorporate film animation technology within the parameters of their art festival. Art Prize is a huge event and this could be a great way to make an already cool event even more modern. The addition of this kind of technology would allow that advancement to happen.

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Technology Potential in Art Prize

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