Social Media

Social media is probably the biggest technological advancement in the 21st century. It creates a large online community the enables the sharing of information and news.  Social media allows for many great things to happen. As great as it is, and as many advantages as it can give us, it can also cause a few problems like the over sharing of information.  Personally, I use Twitter and Facebook. The lack of a smartphone in my life makes it a challenge to use many more of them on a consistent basis.


            I use Twitter mainly for quick news and to market myself. Twitter allows me to follow so many diverse information sources. Over three quarters of the accounts that I follow are devoted to sports. Twitter is the first website I visit each day. I check what happened in sports the day before and then I proceed to read various blogs if anything catches my eye. Adam Kirsch points out in his article published in the New York Times, “Criticism is also a kind of reportage, and Twitter is an ideal way of breaking news,” This is another one of my main uses for Twitter. The amount of news on it makes it quite easy to stay up to date with current events. The diversity of information that Twitter grants me is the main reason that it is my social media outlet of choice. I see other people using it as a way of sharing information about their own lives.  It usually ends up with a few pictures posted and a few sweeping statements about their lives. Beyond that, most people use Twitter as a way to express their opinions and exercise their voice. Whether that be with politics, or other pertinent news it allows people to voice their ideas and perhaps have a conversation about it.

            I am on Facebook more than Twitter, however I find that I am much less active on Facebook. I use it more to keep up with my friends lives by looking at their old pictures or  posts. I also use Facebook to chat with my friends, something that is hard to do on Twitter. I used to use Facebook for all my social media purposes, however, when I added Twitter into my social media cannon my activity on Twitter replaced my activity on Facebook. I haven’t posted a status in what seems like years, but I tweet every day. Despite my increased activity on Twitter, I still spend more time on Facebook than on Twitter.

            I find that many of my friends use Facebook the same way I do; with limited activity but high frequency. However, I have many friends that use Facebook as a way to advertise themselves for a business, skill, or hobby that they have. Some of my friends are aspiring musicians or artists and they use Facebook as a way to generate interest and spread the word of their aspiration in hopes of an internet connection.

            Moving forward I think social media will grow even more and become an extremely important part of everyone’s lives. It will make the world smaller and smaller and connect us more and more. Amanda LittleJohn said the following in an interview, “While I don’t believe the press release is dead, it has been transformed, to become this living, breathing thing.”  She goes on to say that every release has to have a social element or it has no legs. I think social media has already altered PR so much and as social media grows so will PR.

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Social Media

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