How I Will Use Social Media in the Future

In the last post, I explored how social media impacts my life and how I personally use it. In this post I am going to give a commentary on the role I see social media playing in my future job. Social media is still quite young and much of its development is obviously speculation at this point, however, we have some really good ideas as to what it will look like.

            David Berkowitz of believes that, “If you want to understand how people really use social media, spend some time with a pink-wearing, puppy-loving 10-year-old girl.” This article goes on to explain every major social media network from the point of view of his 12 and 14-year-old nieces. Berkowitz uses the idea that since the 10-year-olds will be the future that it makes sense that they would be the main users of social media in the future thus shaping the way that everyone else would use it.  He says that the most popular social media hubs, Facebook and Twitter, will cease to exist and they will be replaced by other social medias that don’t have some of the negative connotations that the current ones do. His young nieces associate Facebook with the word creepy and he thinks that as they mature and get older they would look to another social media hub that is free from that kind of negative predisposition. Ultimately though I disagree with Berkowitz. I think that his 10 year old nieces will mature and their tastes will grow and change as their wants and desires change and mature. 

If social media changes the way that he think it will in the next 10 years then it will be very hard for a company to use it for advertising purposes. He sees social media becoming a way for small groups of people to communicate instead a continued interconnectedness of people. He says that things like SnapChat and Skype will grow while Facebook and Twitter will die. It would be pretty hard to imagine a way that you could put ads on Skype or SnapChat that would be unobtrusive. If Social Media develops in this way then it probably wouldn’t have a use in my future job.

            However, John Brandon of sees it completely differently. He believes that social media will become completely interconnected, almost ruling your life. If this happens then I think that using it in my job will be extremely important. It will be the easiest and most effective way to reach people. He says that each good or service will be connected to a social media network and that they will all share information and communicate with each other constantly to complete a complete profile of your life.


I can easily see myself as a social media manager in the future and if this vision comes to fruition then the successful integration of my brand into a viable and successful social media platform and then maintaining my brands spot there would be enough to keep me busy all day.

Berkowitz, D. (2013, October 4). The future of Social Media: how does a 10-year-old use it?. Retrieved November 11, 2013, from

Brandon, J. (2013, August 15). The fantastic, dystopian future of social networking . Retrieved November 11, 2013

How I Will Use Social Media in the Future

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