Well here it is, the last post. This is definitely a weird exercise as I attempt to articulate the last semester for me. Looking at it right now, this class kicked my butt, but I also feel like it gave me a lot of great opportunities to really confirm whether or not I am in the right major. Before entering this class I was told that it was going to be my hardest class as a PR major and that I better be okay with a lot of long nights, and just a few tears, if I let it get out of control.

However, I can sit here now and reflect on my preconceived notions, my expectations, and my final thoughts and I feel pretty good. I feel like I tamed the monster that is the plan book and that I currently sit in pretty good shape, I feel confident in my work and my ability. I came into this class with what I feel is a unique experience, I work for a PR firm currently and although my daily work resembles this, this class helped correct some bad habits I had gotten and gave me some great insight and tools into how I can take my current job to the next level.

In my Pre-PR Reflection piece I state, ” I view PR as a job that requires a lot of organization, a commitment to meticulous planning, and a dedication to being the most educated person in the room” Through the process of primary and secondary research for the client, I now have a much greater understanding of how to be informed. I learned that it is more than just knowing the information to impress a client, it is about finding ways to use that information to make meaningful and relevant conclusions. My thought process now is that every piece of research is a needle, and knowing when to pull which shiny needle and how to use it best is the most important part of doing all the work. Sure, it’s great to be able to impress a client enough to get the job, but keeping the client by doing exemplary work is what is the most important. I now view PR as a job where a commitment to excellence is the most important part. In my mind, those who proactively approach excellence are the ones who will be successful. How quickly can you adapt? But most importantly, how hard are you willing to work to make it all come together.

As I worked on the planbook I realized that a lot of the work that we do may not get consciously recognized by our client, but that doesn’t make them any less important. The biggest struggle for me for this class was to realize that it was more than just a grade, and that I was contributing to someone’s service in what could be a very real way. I had to tell myself to not look at the rubrics and do the minimum, because this is an assignment that is leaving the classroom and has my name attached to it. That thought process helped me to create a piece of work that I am very proud to hand in both my professor and to my client.


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